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PTFE-molding-machinePTFE molding machine is a special teflon molding equipment that combines PTFE powder conveying, pressing and molding into one, with automatic program control function and advanced and reliable hydraulic system, which can realize automatic powder feeding, automatic air release, automatic mold starting and self-control time. Due to the program control of step-by-step hydraulic pressure and pressure-holding, there will be no air holes and cracking. According to the characteristics of tetrafluoro powder, it can realize automatic powder conveying, hydraulic pressure and molding.

1. PTFE bush automatic molding machine/tetrafluoro molding machine with intelligent operation can realize 24 hours continuous production. 2. Automatic feeding, holding pressure, material, real-time monitoring of the operation of each department of the equipment, can monitor the operation records, all molding size is accurate, consistent weight, consistent density. 3. It can automatically mold teflon gaskets, teflon bushings, rods, tubes, shaped parts, flanges, gaskets and other teflon products, equipped with a variety of molds, one machine with multiple molds and multiple parts, the height error of molded parts can be controlled at ±0.2mm.

Product introduction.
Polytetrafluoroethylene is commonly known as tetrafluoro, Teflon, King Plastic, Teflon, and PTFE gasket automatic press molding machine is a special machine for molding polytetrafluoroethylene products. The raw material of tetrafluoro powder is processed through a series of equipment such as conveying, molding, deflating, holding pressure and pushing out to produce molded products that meet various specifications. Depending on the usage, specifications, ingredients, user needs and other related factors, different specifications of PTFE flange automatic molding machine can be designed and produced. Its produced PTFE products are widely used in chemical, aerospace, mechanical equipment, heat exchange and other fields.

SuKo Polymer Machine Tech Co., Ltd. committed ourselves to Tetrafluorohydrazine industry for the past decade and will forge ahead in the future while contributing to society by maintaining high ethical standards, motivating the organization through respect for individual potential, and developing as a creative enterprise.
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